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Hi! I'm Linda

I have loved doing hair as long as I can remember...

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    ..Whether I was dying my mom's roots or cutting a friend's hair, that was my passion.  I was also big into trying out the latest hairstyle trends on myself.  Braids, dreads, curls, you name it.  Hair was my canvas!  

  After marrying my high school sweetheart shortly before graduating (yes, I was very young!)  I moved with my Marine to his duty station in San Diego, California for 4 years.

  When we decided we wanted to start a family, we figured that was a good time to leave the service and move back home to put down some "roots" of our own.

  11 years and 3 daughters later, I officially felt ready to go to school and make a career of the passion that still gripped me.

  In 2018 I enrolled in cosmetology classes at my local technical college, where I was honored to receive Student of the Month recognition and also was able to attend a statewide competition for cosmo students.

  Fast forward again, and I am licensed and working from my cute little Salon Suite that my husband helped me build in our basement.  It is in this space, that I get to create the looks that I am obsessed with: Long, effortless looking, lived-in blondes and brunettes.  

  I truly love what I do and feel as if I'm "living the dream"!  In addition to hair, I also enjoy: Hiking, camping, traveling, dining out, reading and movies- with a keen interest in history, particularly WW2 era. 

I love God with all my heart and give Him all the praise and honor for bringing me where I am today. 

  Now that you know a bit more about me, head on over to the "New Guests" page to get things rolling!  Thanks for stopping by!

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