Hair Extensions**

 So, you're doing everything you should to grow your hair as long as possible, but just can't seem to achieve those long gorgeous locks you've always dreamed of.  Well, let's talk about hair extensions!  They are the perfect way to get your dream hair.  Anything from just adding some thickness to creating long mermaid like hair.  There are so many methods out there, but for me personally, I have found sew ins to be the best.  

Some things you should know:

  All extension clients require a consultation prior to install.  The consultation takes 20 minutes and is free.  Hair will then be purchased at the consultation appointment as a form of down payment.

  Hair extensions are a luxury service that requires commitment and upkeep.  Please take into consideration that they will require extra styling time, precautions and specialty products to maintain them and keep them looking their best.  

 There are 2 different lines of hair that I use: Zala Hair (budget friendly) and JZ Styles (high end quality).  I do not offer installation of hair purchased elsewhere.

**I received my certification through JZ Styles Co. in 2020.






Comparison Chart


  • Less Expensive of the 2

  • Lasts 3-9 months

  • has a smaller selection of colors

  • air dries to a curly texture

  • comes in a variety of lengths

  • can be colored for custom matching

  • offers machine weft or tape-ins

  • Free shipping

  • takes 3-5 business days

JZ Styles

  • More expensive of the 2

  • Lasts 6-12 months

  • has a wide variety of colors

  • air dries to a beach wave texture

  • comes in 16, 20, or 22 inch lengths

  • can be colored for custom matching

  • offers handtied, Co-Z and machine wefts as well as tape-ins

  • requires cost of shipping 

  • takes 3-8 business days

Beaded Wefts

 This extension method is what I would recommend for someone with an active lifestyle or tends to be more oily at the scalp. They come in 3 different options (handtied, Co-Z and machine weft) and can be installed on 1-3 rows.  Move ups are required every 4-10 weeks.

 Beaded wefts are known to have some tension and soreness the first few days after install.  I recommend taking some tylenol before going to sleep that first night.  After that, they are said to be super comfortable.  ​

Here are the 3 types of wefts that can be used in this method.  In order from most expensive to least.  

  1. Hand Tied Wefts- these are the most expensive and for good reason, they are super delicate and lay the flattest to the head for maximum blend.  I recommend these for someone with very fine/thin hair. They cannot be cut.​​

  2. CoZ Weft-  "This weft is seamless. It is the best of Hand Tied and Machine Wefts. It lays flat against the head like a Hand Tied Weft & can be cut like Machine Weft. The top has a shiny, latex band which helps it lay flat against the head." -jz styles

  3. Machine Weft- this style is suitable for thicker/coarse hair.


These extensions are great for very fine to thick hair, that doesn't get washed too often. Maybe 1-2x per week. These also provide an amazing blend in that they are placed all throughout the hair.  Tape ins are very quick and easy to install, but are a bit more extensive for a move up. They are known to be extremely comfortable from day one. Recommended amounts would be 1-3 packs of hair.

  They are also a great way to add fullness and length around the front hairline to fill in holes, or eliminate a "mullet" look.

They require a bit more delicacy in regards to styling.  Someone who is very rough with their hair can potentially pull them out.

Move ups can be roughly 6-12 weeks.


Price List

All pricing listed here is an estimate
detailed pricing can be given at your consultation


Tape-in Install

Tapes are $40 per bag to install.  A move up is $40 for removal and then the cost of install.  It includes blending the hair and styling.  Adding a wash and dry is an additional $20 so be sure to come with clean/dry hair.


Beaded Weft Install

Wefts are installed for $65 per full row and $45 for a mini row. Removal is $30, or $50 for a removal with a wash and style of your natural hair.


Cost of Hair

This is based on which hair brand is selected at your consultation and the amount of hair needed for your service.  Please understand, that once the packaging is opened, it is non-refundable.


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